Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow

In Africa's Top Rated Beach


Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow



Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow
Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow

Our proven learn-to kite method based on IKO  is a systematic approach to teaching people the proper mechanics of the act of kite surfing. Our lessons incorporate a land portion to learn beginner basics like launching and land and plenty of time in the water with our instructors to catch some wind!

THE BEACH IS CALLING YOU!! This season brings us the kusi wind and the weather is warm and sunny as always. We have great offers...check out our pricing page

Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow


Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow



Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow


What We Offer

Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow
Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow

Over time we have developed a range of services targeting all types of surfers: high levels and beginners, women, children, tourists, parents or just beach lovers. We provide the best experience in the world!

Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow Safari Tours
Kenya Kitesurfing School Bahari Dhow

Kenya Kitesurfing school is located in Kenya in of Africa's most popular beaches, Diani Beach.


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It has been crowned Africa's Leading Beach Destination since 2014. At Kenya Kite we introduce you to one of the most popular and exciting sports. We offer you a range of lessons and camps to choose from. Whether you are looking for private lessons, group lessons, self riding, or even stand up paddle board lessons.

Our instructors, champions on different levels will make this experience absolutely safe and exciting. Our Kite centre also provides rentals and offer professional equipment from manufacturers like Slingshot, Shaman, M-day and Saul Custom Board and SUP to those who do not have equipment.

We have access to a vast white sandy beach with smooth winds at a cross onshore the ocean with mesmerizing mirror surfaces for beginners and freestyle practitioners and just a kilometer from the shore we get a bonus in the form of reef waves for experienced surfers. Within our cenre, we have a  bar serving cold drinks and a restaurant that will fill you up on exquisite African and European meals as you relax in between or after workouts.

We have professional instructors highly trained in water safety and awareness, wave etiquette, board positioning, and wave knowledge who will encourage and guide you through your surfing progression.


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Kenya Kite School

The main wind seasons in Kenya are

June - August


December - March

Our station is open every year from December 1st to the end of March and from the end of May to the end of August.

BUT if you are a lucky owner of a hydrofoil, then all seasons are good for you in Kenya. We luckily also rent hydrofoils at our station.